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City Council Considering Extending Last Call Past 2 a.m

Toronto’s Music industry advisory’s council is considering pushing back last call later past 2 a.m., reports CBC News.

The consideration comes after local bar and club owners have come forward with concerns that their businesses are struggling to survive off such limited serving hours.

The council will ask the economic development committee to look into the feasibility of extending late night service on Monday. They would instruct city staff to consider if extending late night hours would actually be make economic sense, considering businesses would have to pay staff for longer hours to serve potentially very few customers. There’s no time specifically city council is considering pushing last call to.

Toronto’s had its current 2 a.m. last call for 20 years, and while there’s been growing support in recent times of extending the hours, it remains to be seen if Torontonians would actually take advantage.

Would you stay out at bars past 2 a.m.? Let us know in the comments below.

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