Toronto City Council Vote Against Renaming Stadium After Rob Ford

Toronto city council will rename the stadium after other late council members

Toronto city council voted no against renaming an Etobicoke stadium after the late mayor Rob Ford Wednesday night.

In a letter put out last week, Mayor John Tory lent his support to a motion to rename Centennial Park Stadium “Rob Ford Memorial Park.” The motion was put forth by Ford’s brother, Doug Ford, who previously voiced his outrage that the city had not yet put in place a permanent memorial already.

Council voted 24-11 against the proposed renaming this morning. Instead, they voted 33-2 in favour of renaming the stadium after late Toronto city councillors Pam McConnell and Ron Moeser, according to a Toronto city columnist.

Rob Ford passed away in March of 2016 after a short and aggressive form of stomach cancer. During his term, Ford became somewhat of an international celebrity for much publicized incidents including crack cocaine use, appearing to be intoxicated at public events, and offensive comments about his colleagues.

Image courtesy person via Flickr