City crews paint physical distancing circles on Trinity Bellwoods grass

The circles are 8-feet in diameter and 10-feet apart

In an effort to prevent future scenes of extreme overcrowding in Trinity Bellwoods, Toronto city crews have painted physical distancing circles on the grass in the West-End park. The move comes in response to thousands of park goers who gathered in Bellwoods last weekend, ignoring COVID-19 rules on maintaining distance and wearing a mask in public.

The circles are 8-feet in diameter and 10-feet apart. Similar circles have been used in parks in both New York City and San Francisco. Check out the scene below.

“I should tell you that park staff will be in Trinity Bellwoods Park tomorrow painting circles on the grass of that park, which will both help to illustrate proper physical distancing and help with the measurements but also help to ensure compliance in a place where we simply have to do better,” Toronto mayor John Tory said on Wednesday.

Both Toronto police and fire crews have indicated that there will be a strong enforcement presence at Bellwoods over this coming weekend.