City Extends Cancellations on Toronto Island Park

Delay those island plans

Just moments ago the City of Toronto extended the cancellation of Toronto Island Park due to flooding. Permit cancellations have been extended until July 31.

“More than 300 permits for about 90 groups or individuals have been affected by flooding,” reads part of the statement. “City of Toronto staff are working with permit holders to provide any available options for rescheduling or relocating their events.”

“City of Toronto staff continue to monitor flood conditions on Toronto Island Park and implement mitigation efforts across the city’s waterfront areas to reduce impacts.”

This means that Toronto Island will continue to be closed to the public, with access provided only to island residents and those visiting island residents. The city has also reported that over 40,000 sandbags and 1,000 metre bags have been placed on Toronto Island Park, and pumps are being used to decrease pooling. Read the full statement here.

Image courtesy Danny Williams