City of Toronto is aiming to make all transportation electric by 2050

It's headed to the city's infrastructure committee for approval on Thursday

Toronto’s first-ever electric vehicle strategy is headed to the city’s infrastructure committee for approval on Thursday.

The new strategy aims to ensure that Toronto can handle a minimum of 220,000 plug-in electric cars, which would be about 20 per cent of public vehicles, by 2030. The goal goes even further, aiming to ensure that all transportation in Toronto is powered by zero-carbon energy sources by 2050.

Chair of the infrastructure committee Coun. James Pasternak says that the new report requires a “total cultural paradigm shift,” according to CBC.

Currently, less than one per cent of vehicles registered in Toronto are electric, and there are fewer than 700 public charging ports across the city.

“It’s very ambitious,” Pasternak explains. “But if we fund it properly, the political will is there.”