City of Toronto Teams with Waze Traffic App to Cut Your Commute Time

560,000 Toronto drivers use Waze to navigate the city

The City of Toronto and Google-owned navigation app Waze have started exchanging data in an effort to help ease traffic congestion around the city. While there’s no money involved in this partnership, he city will receive “anonymous” data pulled from the movements of roughly 560,000 Waze users in the city. Waze will be fed real-time information on lane closures and areas that are heavily congested to help drivers cut down time spent in traffic.

“This is the way of the future,” mayor John Tory told reporters Monday. “Why would we not want to take advantage of the data that somebody like Waze has — 560,000 people who can become traffic wardens.”

Waze gathers most of its traffic information via user reports. It feeds that info into the app, which then directs drivers in real-time to the best route to reach their custom destination.

Tory also stated that he hopes for more similar partnerships in the future.