City project will give Mississauga a brand new waterfront

Putting the lake back in Lakeview

Construction for a new project in Mississauga has begun and the final result is said to be very promising.

The project is a part of a major reclamation of Mississauga’s waterfront, called Inspiration Lakeview. It is set to transform the city’s waterfront into a 300-acre development that will contrast Toronto’s crowded lakeshore.

“We are intending to do something much better than Toronto,” said Finance Minister Charles Sousa, who’s also the local MPP. “We want the people of Ontario, the people of Mississauga, the people of Toronto to come to south Mississauga and enjoy the waterfront.”


For almost 50 years, a rather large power plant has caused a barrier between the city and the water – not exactly a popular view.

Mayor Bonnie Crombie said the new development will be a “complete community” on the waterfront, with homes, boardwalks, businesses, and both cultural and educational spaces. She also points out the irony in calling the area “Lakeview” when people are unable to view the lake. Luckily, the new project will change that. “We’re going to put the lake view back in Lakeview,” she said.


According to CBC, construction is expected to take 7 to 10 years, with the Region of Peel will covering the $60 million expense.

What do you think about the new project?

Artist renderings courtesy of City of Mississauga and Credit Valley Conservation.