City to Roll Out New Updated PATH Map System Next Year

First update to PATH map system in nearly two decades

We’ve all been there, lost underground in Toronto’s Financial District while trying to avert some of nature’s elements or attempting to make our way to one of the city’s theatres, arenas, or to the waterfront.

The PATH is one of Toronto’s greatest features, while also one of its most frustrating when you have no idea where you stand in the Underground City. The Financial District BIA and the city have partnered to alleviate the stress of ending up lost in the PATH. A new mapping system is set to arrive in April of 2018, the PATH’s first complete update in nearly two decades.

The first prototype of the map can be viewed at Royal Bank Plaza, 200 Bay Street, until October 14.

“The really important piece of this is to create, for people who aren`t used to the space, the idea of how far it is to get to where you want to be,” Grant Humes, executive director of the Financial District BIA, told CBC.

The PATH contains upwards of 75 properties in its underground walkway system, with over 1,100 shops and restaurants.