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Ontario Will See A Snowy ‘Classic Canadian’ Winter This Year

By now you might not be too sure about what type of winter wear you’ll need to get out for the coming season, but as one of Canada’s high-profile meteorologist warns, it’s going to be a snowy one.

Chris Scott of The Weather Network issued a warning today to Canadians to “buckle up, because it looks like a stormy winter” is coming. According to a report, Scott says this year’s weather is similar to the 2007-2008 La Nina system.

“History tells us that when we have cooler waters off the coast of South America, that’s La Nina, and those winters tend to be classic Canadian winters,” Scott said. That type of weather behavior will bring high levels in many parts of the country, that in the colder months translates to snow — and lots of it.

For Eastern parts of Canada, Scott says we will start seeing heavy flurries in December, while Western Canada’s winter will start in January.

“You might get two out of three months where you think, ‘wow, that was a wild winter,’ and then one month where the winter goes away,” he added. “But this will be a winter that’s more on than off.”

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