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Hillary Clinton Made ‘Make America Great Again’ Tin Foil Hats For Trump Conspiracy Theorists

Who said Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a good sense of humour? Well, we know that her campaign staff do at least.

In response to the countless conspiracy theories Donald Trump has surmised about Clinton in the past year, her campaign has responded appropriately with an instructional DIY print out for Trump-themed tin foil hats. And it comes complete with the infamous phrase “Make America Great Again”.

As Clinton pulls far ahead of Trump in the polls, his latest theory is vehemently arguing that the whole election is rigged against him, at the hands of the Democrats and Clinton’s campaign. This has struck a nerve in Clinton, as her campaign aims to distance themselves ahead of Trump’s unquestionably before voters head to the polls.

“He said Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama founded ISIS. He claimed Ted Cruz’s father was involved with the assassination of JFK”, the instructions read. “We want to be sure that Donald Trump can continue his quest for knowledge without any…intrusion”


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