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CMW Bands I’ve Had A Beer With

When I started this list of CMW bands I’ve had a beer with, I thought there might about a dozen bands listed. Turns out I drink a wee bit more than I thought I did. I am not a groupie but I have been dating a musician (Noel Johnson) for the last 6 years so I go to a lot of shows. I have also been in radio for 10 years and love music so this is kind of my life.

CMW is awesome but there are sooo many bands and sooo little time so I put a star next to the shows I am actually going to if you would like to join me for a beer. Cheers! ​

I first met Donovan Woods at a Robyn Dell’Unto show so it is fitting that they are both playing the same night. Friday at The Vault @ One King West. *

I have had “Put on Cologne” by Donovan Woods on repeat for months. Love it! Friday at The Vault @ One King West. *

ANDEE – Friday at Revival. She did a song for the Sochi Olympics this year.

Serena Pryne & The Mandevilles – Friday at The Rivoli. You are in for a treat at this show. Serena is the most amazing, energetic and kinda crazy frontwoman I have ever seen! You will not be able to take your eyes off of her.

Dani Jean Unplugged – Friday in the Lobby Lounge at Shangri La. Fun fact – she is also my hairdresser. *

Dear Rouge – Thursday at The Opera House

Papermaps – Wednesday at Velvet Underground

The Balconies – Thursday at the Horseshoe.

Diana – Thursday and Friday at The Drake. They are getting some really great reviews for this video.

Meredith Shaw – Wednesday at C’est What. Meredith and I are BFP’s. Best Friends Phoever. We also hit up Chinatown. *

Kevin Myles Wilson – Thursday at The Central *

Andrew Austin – Thursday at Supermarket. Andrew is not just a singer songwriter, he is also a professional jingle writer…famous for this Tim Horton commercial

Soho Ghetto – Saturday at Hideout

AND here are a bunch more.

The Damn Truth – Friday at The Horseshoe

The Blue Stones – Wednesday at Rancho Relaxo

Poor Young Things – Thursday at The Supermarket *

Mushy Callahan – Thursday at Cherry Colas

The Meerkats – Friday at Velvet Underground *

Transit – Saturday at The Painted Lady

Gloryhound – Saturday at The Rivoli

Carleton Stone – Saturday at the Rivoli.

Goodnight, Sunrise – Wednesday at Rancho Relaxo​

​Hollerado – Saturday at Kool Haus *

Jane’s Party – Friday at Handlebar​​

The Hollowbodies – Thursday at Charlies Gallery

That’s at least 25 beers I will be having this week.

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