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CNE 2018’s Tastiest Treats & Food Highlights

It’s the last few weeks of summer, and we’re savouring every second. A great way to end the summer with a bang is with a classic Toronto tradition, the Canadian National Exhibition! Each year the CNE hosts concerts, artwork, rides, food, drinks and more. With that being said, the food just keeps getting crazier each year, and definitely more delicious.

In order to make sure you don’t miss out on a single treat, we’ve put together a list of crazy ones for you to check out below! (Warning: you’re about to get really hungry).


The Golden Burger

Have you ever seen anything so magnificent? This mega-sized burger is piled high on a 5oz patty with maple bacon, peameal bacon, Canadian cheddar, onion rings, jalapenos, lettuce, tamato, and chipotle mayo all within – dramatic pause – an edible golden bun! All for the low, low price of $100.


Sanfran Friar Fritter

The Sanfran Friar Fritter is a veal and porchetta sandwich topped with a jalapeno popper, dressed with sandwich toppings and SanFran’s signature sauce, jalapeno peppers and coleslaw on sweetened bread. Mmm-mmm tasty!


Dutch ‘Luv’ Puffs

This traditional buttery Dutch treat is known in the Netherlands as ‘poffertjes’ and is making its debut at the CNE! Tiny, fluffy pancakes are made fresh in front of your eyes, then topped with sweet toppings.


Mexican Style Street Corn

Hot off the grill, classically roasted corn that looks just like candy corn. It’s brushed with homemade spicy mayo and rolled with three flavours of crunchy goodness: flaming hot Cheetos, jalapeno cheddar, Cheetos and parmeson cheese.


Cookie Dough Supreme

The name says it all. Make your taste buds scream for ice cream (and cookie dough) at the CNE this year. It’s hard to find anything better than a great big, delicious, cookie dough supreme.


Hong Kong Style French “Toast” Curds

Prepare your mind to be blown by this heavy treat’s ingredients: Deep fried cheese curds topped with peanut butter, condensed milk and a chunk of butter. Delicious? Heck yes. Healthy? Not quite. Will we still eat it? You bet.


Golden Ice Cream

You can finally cross this off your summer bucket list. Eat like royalty with a vanilla ice cream covered in 24K edible gold leaf!


Waffle Dog

Get your paws on a waffle dog for a hot, tasty treat full of ooey-gooey waffle goodness. You’ve got the choice of original or chocolate cake!


Kimchi Dog

Fill up with a Kimchi Dog that is bound to satisfy your hunger and tastebuds. Nothing says summer like a hot dog, fresh bun and yummy toppings.


The Juicy Crab

The Juicy Crab is the perfect sandwich for a hot summer day – it’s refreshing, flavourful and filled with goodness.

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