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CNE Does Toronto Good with Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Kudos to the CNE for installing these all-gender welcome signs at the EX, and making Toronto proud.

Toronto’s beloved yearly festival kicked off at the EX last weekend, and unsurprisingly these “We Don’t Care” gender neutral bathroom signs have become a bigger buzz than the predictably outrageous food monstrosities that graces the fair’s food court each year.

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CNE media relations spokesperson Gage Knox told BuzzFeed News the CNE needed to purchase new washrooms for the fair anyway this year, so having all gender ones was the obvious choice.

Knox shared the CNE’s plans to roll out more gender neutral bathrooms across the entire grounds. “All portable washrooms will eventually be the same for the CNE” he said. “All-gender washrooms makes for better flow and greater capacity.”

BuzzFeed News were the first to point out that the “We Don’t Care” signs are actually the work of Kansas-based artist, Peregrine Honig, who designed the sign following the heinous North Carolinian bathroom bill.

Want to keep the spirit of gender-inclusiveness alive? You can purchase your own “We Don’t Care” bathroom sign online from Honig via allisfairinloveandwear.

Main photo courtesy of Reynold Gonsalves via Twitter

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