Coachella And Bonnaroo Organizers Combine To Create “Super Festival”

A Coachella-esque experience

Because the world doesn’t have enough music festivals, Denver, Colorado may soon be getting a new 60,000 person festival. This is thanks to AEG and Superfly, the former who owns Coachella, and the latter Bonnaroo. It’s bound to be something special with two of the biggest music festivals in America joining forces.

This festival could appear as early as the 2018 festival season. Although nothing is finalized, early reports show Denver’s Overland Park Golf Course as the location frontrunner. It’s described as a Coachella-esque experience, where art and music are combined.

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“This is not a done deal by any stretch,” said AEG’s David Ehrlich (from Dancing Astronaut), we will not do this festival here if the community doesn’t want it.”

According to Westword, the project has been in the works for half a decade. They will have multiple stages and a diverse lineup, if all goes to plan.

Photo by Jason Persse on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)