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Cœur de pirate | Collective Arts Black Box Sessions

It’s been three years since Beatrice Martin last stepped in the Collective Arts Black Box studio while touring her 2015 album Roses. In the years that followed the release of Roses, Martin found herself facing some emotional adversity in her personal life. The exhaustion that followed her year-and-a-half cross-continental tour was exacerbated by chronic pneumonia and invasive journalists; not to mention the stress of being a new mother.

She admitted that despite continuing to love creating music, she was considering quitting. But earlier this year she released En cas de tempête, ce jardin sera fermé, an album she began writing while in the throes of that dark period of her life. Once she realized she could turn to her art for catharsis, she rediscovered her drive to continue songwriting. She visited us to perform two songs from the new record, “Premonition” and “Combustible”.

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