College Street vinyl shop June Records set to open venue called June Space

A 500-square-foot venue located at the back of the store

College street vinyl shop June Records is set to open up a venue titled June Space.

The 500-square-foot venue will be located at the back of the store, turning the previously used office and merchandising space into a fully equipped venue with a reggae sound system from the 80s, according to Now Toronto. Once the space is completed, it will be able to hold between 30 and 40 concert attendees.

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The space, which will boast a coffee and beverage station that can be utilized as a bar for licensed Special Occasion Permit events, will soft launch with a private party this week, but it won’t be open for public events until June.

Owner Ian Cheung explains to Now Toronto that the decision was initially prompted a year ago because of the ever escalating venue crisis, and when Faith/Void closed its doors, Cheung knew he had to open up the space with partner Dennis Reynolds.

The goal is that June Space will fill a space in the Toronto music scene that was created by the closing of other venues like Double Double Land, Holy Oak, and D-Beatstro.