Indie88 Premiere: Common Deer Share ‘Glass (Redux)’

Check out Common Deer's Latest Track 'Glass'

Five-piece orchestral indie outfit Common Deer have just released a music video for their track “Glass (Redux),” and the Mariah Owen-directed piece looks and sounds divine.

“‘Glass’ is about the comparisons we make in our romantic partnerships to those we see around us,” frontwoman Sheila Hart-Owens told Indie88. “When we refuse to allow our own connections to progress naturally, the result is overwhelming pressure, dissatisfaction, and eventual relationship breakdown. We can’t help it – surrounded by the shiny, filtered, composed and (ultimately) superficial perfection of others’ lives, the grass always seems greener on the other side. But what about the grass under our own feet? It browns and rots away as we are slowly overwhelmed by everything we think we need, and slip further away from what we already have. Are we even capable of true satisfaction anymore?”

Check out Common Deer’s latest below.