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Conor Gains | Indie88 Live Sessions

Watch Toronto-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Conor Gains live as he performs his single “Lightning” from his home studio for Indie88’s Live Sessions series.

Conor Gains draws inspiration from a wide variety of genres, including classic soul, modern R&B, psychedelic southern rock, pop, blues and jazz. He released his most recent EP Three last year. The EP includes the single “Light Shine In” which was one of Indie88’s top 88 songs of last year.

He has been playing shows since the age of 13, and is a past recipient of the Cobalt Prize Contemporary Blues Composition Award for innovation and creativity in songwriting. With years of experience under his belt touring the country, Conor Gains has performed thousands of shows from festival stages including the prestigious Montreal Jazz Fest.

“It is easy to let love drive you crazy but it can also bring you an intense power,” explains Gains. “Lightning” is about that never ending wild goose chase of trying to get on the same page, knowing that when it works it really works and when it doesn’t, well, you’re left in the dirt.”

As a touring musician, Conor Gains has shifted his focus from performing to songwriting during the pandemic. He’s been busy creating 3-4 new songs a week and studying music recording and production in his home studio. “It’s a wonderful feeling being at a place where I can make high-quality demo’s from my home studio,” Gains explained in an interview. “So good to finally be able to hear an idea in my head and have the “know-how” to be able to get that song out of my head and hear it back in its fullness. Getting better all the time.”

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