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Conquer The Tunnel Bluffs Hike Near Lions Bay

Unbeatable Views Of The Howe Sound At Tunnel Bluffs

On a clear day, the view from the top of the Tunnel Bluffs hike will literally take your breath away. And that’s not just because of the challenging hike up there!

The popular Tunnel Bluffs hike is a very popular destination with Vancouver residents and visitors alike. You get a stunning view of Howe Sound that is among the very best in the region.

In addition, it’s not just a water view. You’re treated to views of Bowen Island, the Sunshine Coast, the Sea to Sky Highway that goes up to Whistler, and even Horseshoe Bay.

Hiking Tunnel Bluffs

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Ready for a hike? The best part about Tunnel Bluffs is the view at the top. However, the sights you’ll see along the way also make it well worth the trip. The hike itself isn’t that challenging, but there are some parts that are quite strenuous.

You can hike to Tunnel Bluffs from March to November. Because the hike involves a pretty low elevation, there’s usually not much snow. Because of this, if you’re a fan of winter hikes, feel free to give it a shot without much risk. One of the benefits of hiking this trail in the winter is that you won’t have as many crowds to maneuver.

Early spring to late fall is the most popular window of time to do this gorgeous hike.

How To Get There

Most people leave from downtown Vancouver for the hike at Tunnel Bluffs. If this is the route you take, it’ll be around a 40-minute drive to the Sunset Trailhead.

Start at the Sea to Sky Highway and head north on Highway 99 to the Lions Bay Avenue exit. You’ll then merge onto Oceanview Road, and take a left on Crosscreek Road. From there, turn right onto Centre Road, take a left on Bayview, and then a left onto Mountain Road.

When you arrive at Sunset Drive, you’ll take a left there and go to the parking lot at the end of the road. Then, you can begin this amazing hike!

How Long/ Strenuous Is The Hike? 

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The distance of the hike is 11km round trip. It will take you between 3-5 hours to complete this route, depending on your level of fitness. If you’re both keen and fit at the same time, you could do the hike in 3 hours. Keep in mind, however, to factor in time at the top to enjoy and take in the view.

From the trailhead, the elevation is about 500m. However, most of this elevation takes place in the first two kilometres. Because of this, the first little bit tends to be quite intense and challenging for most hikers.

Overall, the hike is considered ‘moderately hard’. After the challenge at the beginning, the rest of the 3.5 kilometres are quite flat with only slight elevations here and there.

New Parking Rules

tunnel bluffs
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Once you get to the trailhead, you might be hard pressed to find parking. The parking lot is small, and is used for Mount Harvey, Hat Mountain, and Mount Brunswick as well. Because of this, it fills up quickly. You also have to pay so that’s not awesome either.

However, let’s stay focused on the positive. You can park on the street. There’s lots of spots on the way up. Why not add a short walk to your hike and increase your steps on your fitness counter?

The few blocks that are closest to the trailhead obviously require a permit, so park far away and just walk for best results!


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