Converse Unveil Chuck Taylor Shoes with Built In Wah Pedal

All Stars get a reboot with a built in wah pedal

Converse have graced the feet of many iconic performers at many iconic venues over the years so it makes sense that the end result of a Chuck Hack event back in 2013 would be music related. The company recently revealed plans to release “Chuck Taylor All Wah”, shoes with a built in wah pedal.

Converse announced that the revolutionary shoe that was dreamed up by Critical Mass three years ago, has finally been put into production. Critical Mass came up with the idea which then was sent to Cutecircuit, a brand that combines fashion and technology, to produce the shoe.

The All Wahs contains a flexible sensor that reacts to the movements of the foot. It is designed with bluetooth technology so that it can connect wirelessly to the wah box. It can work with amps as well as iPhones and Mac computers.

The new shoes are officially called the Chet Atkins All Wah, named after the famous country guitarist who popularized Wah pedals in the 1950s. A commercial release of the shoe has yet to be released but it has been speculated that they will be released in a limited quantity. Chances of you getting your hands on your own pair seem pretty slim.


Images courtesy Cutecircuit