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Cooking Classes For Everyone

If you can’t stand the heat – learn how. Cooking classes can teach a new skill or a whole new cuisine. There’s a massive amount of cooking classes in Toronto so this list narrows them down to some of the best: most fun, most innovative, different cuisines. The best part of any cooking classes though is eating the delicious food at the end.

Dish Cooking Studio
With 12 years in the cooking school biz, Dish is a seasoned veteran. Hands on classes are limited to 12 to 16 guests so everyone has a chance to get their hands dirty. Dish teaches a variety of cuisines from Spanish to Japanese.


Le Dolci Cakes and Cupcakes
If it’s your sweet tooth you’re looking to satisfy, Le Dolci’s classes will teach you how to do it at home. Le Dolci’s teachers will demonstrate how to make donuts, croissants, or the perfect Parisan macacrons. Gluten free classes are also on the schedule. Plus, once a month, Le Dolci takes advantage of its great location near Trinity Bellwoods Park, by hosting a Trinity Market cooking class.

Le Dolci

The Depanneur
The Dep hosts workshops every Monday night. The Dep’s kitchen has a casual, homey vibe so it feels just like cooking at home. These tasty lessons have included jams, pickles, and chocolates.

The Dep

Good Egg
Good Egg is surely one of the quaintest cooking stores in the city. Their small cooking classes are a unique way to get even more intimate with the great products they sell. All classes are single sessions, two hours in length. Teachers include Christoper Sealy, owner of Midfield Wine Bar and Olivia Go, co-owner of Tosho Knife Arts.

Marni Wasserman
Being vegetarian doesn’t have to mean restricting your diet. Marni holds cooking classes that teach students how to develop a healthy relationship to their food, be it gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free or raw. Marni shows how these aren’t limits but challenges to embrace when creating a healthy, whole-food delicious diet.


Massimo Bruno
Who doesn’t love Italian food? Pasta may seem easy enough to make at home but there’s so much more to Italian cuisine than just opening a jar of Classico and boiling some water. Massimo will show you what it’s like to cook like Italians do – with simple, fresh ingredients. Massimo offers classes in his kitchen or he will come to yours.


St. Lawrence Market
St. Lawrence Market is Toronto’s food mecca. So it’s fitting that the Market also holds tutorials on what to do with the bounty on the Market floors. The Market kitchen is hidden upstairs, above the South market, teaching everything from pickles to fish to French-style pies. There’s a class for just about anything you buy from the vendors and farmers on the floor below.

St Lawrence

The Big Carrot
The Big Carrot is whole foods HQ for the Danforth. Their cooking classes reflect their values in the rest of the store: vegetarian and taught by a rotating band of both local chefs and nutritional experts. Classes have included Spring Detox, natural cheese making and Island Style Vegetarian Cooking. Some classes are hands on, others are lecture style or workshop series. For between $50 and $80, these are well priced compared to some other options out there.

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