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Toronto Police Respond to Weapon Sightings, Discover Fan Expo Cosplayers

Imagine: You’re enjoying your every-day commute into the city, and Harley Quinn casually boards the train with an oversized, wooden mallet and sits down right beside all of the children heading to the CNE.

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Could strike up some controversy, considering not all commuters are aware of the multi-genre entertainment meet up taking over the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

As the popular sci-fi, fantasy, horror and comic convention, Fan Expo, began last Thursday, Toronto police responded to at least two calls about a “person with a gun on public transit”. But, after investigating, the masked men with guns turned out to just be your run-of-the-mill comic convention goers, making their way downtown (because a Batmobile was definitely not in anyone’s cosplay budget this year).

An almost identical report was made by someone at Ossington Subway station according to TTC spokesman Brad Ross.

“(Police) attended, investigated, determined that (a) male in costume was en route to a convention,” Ross said. The person was escorted out of the station, as police must take all reports of a person carrying a gun seriously.

To be fair, the official Fan Expo Canada website does warn attendees to store away “any weapons or props, which could cause public alarm”, but since when do super-villains and vigilantes play by the rules?

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Hopefully next year Cosplayers will keep their weapons in their carry-on, or take an Uber. After all, we all know what happens when super heroes take the train..

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