Watch This Couple Take Acid and Attempt to Build IKEA Furniture

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There’s not a whole of a lot more frustrating than the process of putting together a complicated piece of furniture from IKEA. It’s put the most robust of relationships to the test, and surely even led your most yoga-loving, zen-master friend up the walls. But what could be worse? Trying to put together IKEA furniture soaring high on LSD.

A new YouTube channel called HIKEA is putting IKEA furniture building to the test, documenting people as they struggle trying to complete build-it-yourself furniture under the influence of a bevy of drugs. The channel has only released one video so far, which features a young couple taking acid and hilariously attempting to build a complicated drawer system from IKEA.

“Building IKEA furniture is hard. Building it under the influence is much, much harder.” said the creators behind the channel. “But it’s something many of us have experienced. It’s a struggle that’s nearly universal.”

While we don’t know if building Ikea under the influence is necessarily a universally share experience, we are excited to see what more this project has to offer. Watch above and be happy it’s not you.