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Courtney Barnett explores ‘love, renewal, healing and self-discovery’ on new album ‘Things Take Time, Take Time’

Courtney Barnett has shared her new album, Things Take Time, Take Time.

The new record deals “unabashedly with love, renewal, healing and self-discovery,” according to a press release. Written over two years, the album sees Barnett at her most creative and most intimate. Courtney Barnett truly lets the listener into her private world on this album.

Courtney Barnett channels simplicity on this new record. She goes back-to-basics, allowing her guitar lines and vocals to take the lead. Lyrically, Barnett channels patience and care throughout the album’s 10 tracks.

Stream Things Take Time, Take Time below.

“I’m never like, ‘I’m going to write a vulnerable album,” Barnett tells The Ringer. “I just write what’s around me and what’s in my head and what I’m obsessed with. Writing is how I communicate the shit in my head. It’s the best way for me to verbalize my thoughts and lay them out, to visualize what’s going on. I guess that’s vulnerable?”

Things Take Time, Take Time marks the follow-up to 2018’s Tell Me How You Really Feel. It features previously released singles “Rae Street,” “Before You Gotta Go,” “Write A List of Things to Look Forward To,” and “If I Don’t Hear From You Tonight.”

Courtney Barnett also recently launched an online “interactive stem mixer” on her website. The new feature allows users to “listen & play around” with songs from her forthcoming album, Things Take Time, Take Time. Raphael Ong and Sean Lim built and designed the stem mixer. It revolves around sliders that allow users to adjust the volume of the percussion, guitars, and vocals in the mix of album tracks.

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