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Courtney Barnett shares trailer for forthcoming documentary ‘Anonymous Club’

Courtney Barnett has announced a new documentary called Anonymous Club. To preview the film, she’s shared a trailer.

Anonymous Club covers a three-year period around the release of 2018’s Tell Me How You Really Feel. The new documentary, which is out next year, features Barnett narrating with text from her diary entries. Today’s trailer comes packed with clips of Barnett making her way through some stunning scenery. Throughout the clip, Barnett narrates over top as she performs to huge crowds.

“I wake up having one of those like, just feeling sad days,” Barnett says in the trailer. “I think sometimes it’s just okay to feel sad and keep on going with what you’re doing. The journey is understanding what the purpose is. I think everyone struggles with that journey.

Watch the trailer for Anonymous Club below.

“I think all of my songs are just trying to figure feelings and situations out,” Barnett continues. It then cuts to a new shot where Barnett says, “I can’t quite get in the zone of positivity on this tour.”

More about Anonymous Club:

Anonymous Club was shot over three years on 16mm film. It truly lets viewers into Barnett’s life as she toured and promoted Tell Me How You Really Feel. Barnett recorded the narration via dictaphone recordings. It accompanies director Danny Cohen’s Kodak film footage, which clocked in at 25 to 30 hours. Now, it’s been trimmed down to just 83 minutes to create the documentary.

The documentary premiered at the Melbourne International Film Festival earlier this year. It went on to screen at Brisbane International Film Festival and Sydney Film Festival. Anonymous Club is slated for an Australian theatrical release in March 2022, but global dates have yet to be confirmed.

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