Courtney Love Talks Dave Grohl And Montage of Heck On Letterman

"If we can make up, anyone can."

The ever-controversial Courtney Love visited Letterman to discuss her upcoming TV show, Empire, but ended up talking about Dave Grohl and her late husband, Kurt Cobain.

After a 25 year dispute, Love and the Foo Fighters frontman decided to call a ceasefire, finally ending the feud. “Me and Dave Grohl… we had some gnarly times over 25 years. If we can make up, anyone can,” she says.

She also gave a frank and fairly optimistic review of the upcoming HBO documentary about Kurt Cobain entitled Montage of Heck, directed by her daughter with Cobain, Frances Bean.

Watch Courtney Love blink excessively talk about Dave Grohl and Montage of Heck below: