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Coyote Spotted in Toronto’s East End Thursday Morning

What appears to be a coyote was spotted in Toronto’s east end early Thursday morning. Twitter user Tim Mitra snapped a photo of the animal on the run near Gerrard Street and Logan Avenue.

The city issued warnings earlier this year that spring and summer 2017 could be a busy season for coyotes in the city.

The city has recommendations of how to respond to urban coyote sightings on their website. They ar typically non-confrontational with humans, but you should call 311 if you observe any of the following behaviours.

  • approaching dogs or people
  • exploring a home or building far from a large park or open area
  • entering a barn area where large animals are confined
  • limping or staggering or with paralyzed hind legs
  • acting confused attacking non-living objects
  • fighting or attacking pets
    Image via John Flannery/Flickr

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