Crackle & Pop: Week Of August 22

Dive into Bookie's Vinyl Collection with some hits from Neil Young, Wilco, The Weakerthans and more!

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The Clash – “Brand New Cadillac”

The Cadillac car company formed on August 22nd in 1905.

The Weakerthans – “A Plea From A Cat Named Virtue”

There is a new John K Samson record coming out on October 21st and a Mod Club show on November 8th.

Elvis Costello – “Alison”

Elvis Costello’s B-DAY was August 25th!

Wilco – “Outtasite (Outta Mind)”

Jeff Tweedy’s Birthday was on August 25th. Happy Birthday Jeff! New LP Schmilco (2016) comes out on September 9th.

Neil Young – “Four Strong Winds”

This iconic tune was written by Ian & Sylvia Tyson. You can catch them at Harvest Picnic this Sunday.