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Crackle & Pop With Bookie: Week of April 25

Join us on a journey through the gigantic vinyl archive each weekday on air at 9:45am & 3:45pm. If you miss an episode, you can catch them on Facebook and Twitter at 9pm each weeknight, or on Indie88.com.

Check out what was featured on this week’s Crackle & Pop.

Bad Finger– “No Matter What”

This is my favourite track from all Beatle-associated bands.


World Party– “Way Down Now”

“Way Down Now” is from the 1990 Grammy winning Alternative Album Goodbye Jumbo.


Prince– “When You Were Mine”

Here is my absolute favourite Prince tune. Rest in Peace.


Wilco– “Jesus, etc.”

This is a Wilco favourite of mine. It also plays a role in Adam Sandler’s film, Funny People.


Divinyls- “I Touch Myself”

Not exactly sure how this one slipped by the sensors in 1991…

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