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Crackle & Pop with Bookie: Week of August 1

Join us on a journey through the gigantic vinyl archive each weekday on air at 9:45am & 3:45pm. If you miss an episode, you can catch them on Facebook and Twitter at 9pm each weeknight, or on Indie88.com.

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Check out what was featured on this week’s Crackle & Pop.

Ryan Adams – “New York , New York”

Catch Ryan performing solo on August 6th at Harvest Picnic on Christie Lake in Dundas, Ontario.


Andrew Gold – “Thank You For Being A Friend”

We just want to say thanks for being our friend, Toronto!


Gin Blossoms – “Hey Jealousy”

Let’s take a moment and remember this Gin Blossoms hit.


The Isley Brothers – “Its Your Thing”

The Isley Brothers played the SARS Concert this week in 2002.


Queens Of The Stone Age – “Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret”

This is a great Queens of the Stone Age song to start your weekend with!

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