Crackle & Pop With Bookie: Week of May 16

Bookie spins his favourites from Elliott Smith, Yes, Foo Fighters, The Four Seasons and Weezer.

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Check out what was featured on this week’s Crackle & Pop.

Elliott Smith– “Miss Misery”

This week was the the anniversary of the first Academy Awards in 1929. Seeing Smith play “Miss Misery” in 1998 is my Oscars highlight.


Yes– “Roundabout”

Yes drummer Bill Bruford turned 67 this week! Let’s celebrate with this tune:


Foo Fighters– “See You”

“See You” is my all time favourite Foo Fighters song! It comes off of their album The Colour & The Shape – which turns 19 this week.


Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons– “Let’s Hang On”

Frankie Valli is 82 and still rockin’ out! He plays the Sony Centre on Saturday.


Weezer – “Keep Fishin’”

Maladroit came out this week in 2002 and this tune is the album’s highlight.