Crowdfunding Campaign For Tattoo Shop Owner That Tended To Danforth Shooting Victims Needs Help

Crowdfunding campaign started to pay for cleanup fees

A crowdfunding campaign has already raised thousands of dollars for the Danforth tattoo shop owner who helped two wounded victims during the Danforth shooting.

On Sunday, July 22nd, Tanya Wilson was closing up her tattoo shop Skin Deep Tattoo when a mother and son came frantically running into her shop screaming something about a gun. When Wilson realized they had been shot, she brought them into her studio, shut the lights and locked the door.

The mother and son were two victims of the Danforth shooting Sunday night, when a man opened fire on Toronto’s bustling Greektown neighbourhood, leaving 13 injured and a 10-year-old girl and 18-year-old woman dead.

Wilson fashioned makeshift tourniquets for the mother and son, and flagged down a police officer once the shooting stopped.

As a result, the tattoo shop is covered in blood and requires immense cleaning. As it’s not a normal shop, tattoo shops are held to incredibly high levels of sterilization as to not spread infection and require a professional cleanup service before it can open. Toronto Public Health will have to first come in to inspect the shop to see if it’s up to standards.

Unfortunately, Ms. Wilson has been left with all the expenses to pay out of pocket. According to crowdfunding campaign creator Jay Tee, the $7,000 goal isn’t even close to the loss of money that she will lose until her shop reopens again.

“I just think she shouldn’t have to pay all of it if any period after doing such a great deed.”

Despite reaching the goal, donations still continue to pour in, accompanied by notes of praise thanking Wilson for acting so courageously during the horrific event.

“Tanya, you are the type of woman that young girls should dream of becoming,” one donor wrote.

“Thank you for setting bar and going beyond in helping others. We need more people like you in our world,” another wrote.

Update (12:31 PM EST): A crowdfunding campaign for a victim of the shooting has also come to our attention. Please check the link here and help support Dani here.

For a full list of ways you can help give back, please check the city’s #TorontoStrong Fund to co-ordinate donations for victims of Danforth shooting.