Crystal Castles Releases ” Frail”, Starts Drama with Ex-Member Alice Glass

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A little while ago, Crystal Castles – who is now just Ethan Kath after Alice Glass left the band last October – released a new track called “Frail.” It features a woman singing, and opened up a boatload of questions: Who is singing? Has the now solo producer recruited new talent? What IS the future of Crystal Castles?

Accompanying the rhythmic, electronic track, Kath included the following note, which has since been deleted:

i wish my former vocalist the best of luck in her future endeavors. i think it can be empowering for her to be in charge of her own project. it should be rewarding for her considering she didn’t appear on Crystal Castles’ best known songs. (she’s not on Untrust Us. “Not In Love,” “Vanished,” “Crimewave,” “Vietnam,” “Magic Spells,” “Knights,” “Air War,” “Leni,” “Lovers Who Uncover,” “Violent Youth,” “Reckless,” “Year of Silence,” “Intimate,” “1991,” “Good Time,” “Violent Dreams” etc.). people often gave her credit for my lyrics and that was fine, i didn’t care.

Listen to “Frail,” the first new Crystal Castles track since III in 2012, here:

But, Alice Glass didn’t like that statement. She responded on Twitter, with a collection of tweets sticking up for herself:

Back to Ethan Kath now, who chatted with Pitchfork to explain himself. When they asked him why he made the statement that claimed people gave Glass credit for Kath’s lyrics, he said: “I was making a point that my vision for CC was continuing. When I realized it came off as shade, I pulled it because I have no desire to throw any shade, I really do wish her the best.”

When asked about the future of CC, Kath said: “‘Frail’ was recorded recently and released as a message that we are in studio writing and recording a new album. The vocals are not my pitched voice (as on ‘Violent Youth’ or the album version of ‘Not in Love’). A girl named Edith is singing.”

No other details have been released yet, but we’ll give you updates as they come.