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Customer Discovered Vitamin Bottle from Shoppers Filled with Dried Pasta

After purchasing a bottle of vitamins from a Toronto Shoppers Drug Mart, Anna Bauer-Ross later discovered that the bottle’s contents had been replaced with dried pasta.

The Greens+ capsules were sold to Bauer-Ross in a sealed bottle for $50.81 at the Shoppers located at Spadina and Dupont.

Bauer-Ross brought the bottle back to Shoppers and the manager immediately offered her a full refund or exchange. She opted for the exchange, under the condition that she could open the bottle in the store before purchasing.

She then took a new bottle off the shelf and opened it in front of the manager, only to discover more dried penne pasta. The manager then opened a few more bottles off the shelf, and all four revealed dried pasta in lieu of the vitamins.

Bauer-Ross eventually opted for a full refund, but questions linger as to how and when the vitamins were replaced with pasta.

In a statement from Genuine Health, the company that makes Greens+ vitamins, the company explains that they believe the vitamins are being replaced after they leave the warehouse.

“We are aware of a few isolated incidents at Shoppers Drug Mart stores in the GTA where our product has been replaced with dry pasta and returned for store refunds,” read the statement.

“We have confirmed that the substitution is happening after the product has been packed, sealed and shipped from our facilities, and believe a local consumer is doing this for free product. We have no evidence that would suggest there is any risk to product safety or public health. We are working closely with Shoppers to find the culprit.”

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