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D.C. will teach every child to ride a bike

In Washington D.C., cycling is now part of the elementary school curriculum as part of Safe Routes to School, an organization that encourages biking and walking to school. Instructors from the group teach second grade students the basic skills needed to bike safely to school, while also ensuring the safety of people around them.

Learning to ride a bike is not normally something you learn in school, but if you lack the proper equipment, it’s easy to grow up and never learn. The city implemented the bike-riding program as part of D.C.’s Public Schools’ Cornerstones curriculum, across the entire district. 475 bikes were purchased and will be transferred from school to school, giving every second grader an equal chance to cycle.

Students who already know how to ride will be given the opportunity to improve their skills through obstacle courses, while those who have never properly learned will be taught the basics. D.C.’s goal is to give more people the ability to travel in a more environmentally friendly and affordable way.

(Photo by Jamie Wallace via Flickr)

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