Dad doesn’t know which Daft Punk robot is his son

Oh the embarrassment!

Imagine a father’s pain of not knowing which one of the six-time Grammy Award-winning duo Daft Punk was his son. In a ClickHole-inspired turn, Keaton Patti penned a hilarious piece of satire on the pain of not knowing in The New Yorker.

Is it the gold-domed robot or the silver-visored robot? Perhaps we’ll never know!

Here’s an excerpt:

I guess it’s a father’s burden not to know if his son is the gold-domed robot or the silver-visored robot in a world-famous electronic-music duo.

If you don’t think I’ve straight-up asked my boy which robot he is, you’re wrong. He always just shrugs and says, “The futuristic one.” That’s both of them! That’s like asking your son which member of Kiss he is, and him saying, “The one with the makeup!”

Though with Kiss it’s easier, because you can still see their faces and hair.

That was a bad example.

A good father would know which Daft Punk robot his son was. If anyone can help me figure it out, I’d be eternally grateful. Until then, my son’s true identity remains a mystery to me.

It’s not quite Which One of My Garbage Sons Are You? but we had a good laugh.