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Daft Punk Might Actually Be Touring in 2017

Speculation ran amok last month when Redditors discovered evidence to support the claim that electronic French duo, Daft Punk would tour in 2017. More clever Internetians have dug deeper, unveiling a hidden website that further hints at the impending return of the robots next year.

Late September, Redditors found an unlisted page on Lollapalooza’s website, showing a poster that listed Daft Punk as one of the festival’s sub-headliners. A representative for Daft Punk responded, telling Consequence of Sound that the band has no intentions of touring next year.

However, another troupe of Redditors discovered a hidden website called ‘Alive 2017‘ which says otherwise.

Daft Punk have two live albums, Alive 1997 and Alive 2007 which document the band’s only two tours spread a decade apart. Seeing as 2017 would mark another decade gone by, it matches the band’s timeline to tour every ten years.


NME reports that hidden on the site are the codes “23” “05” “33” “22”, that user “DaftSteve” has discovered correlates to specific coordinates:

48 51 24 2 21 03 = PARIS (FRANCE)
51 30 26 N 0 7 39 = LONDON (ENGLAND)
40 7128 74 0059 = NEW YORK (UNITED STATES)
35 6895 139 6917 = TOKYO (JAPAN)
23 5505 46 6333 = SAU PAULO (BRAZIL)
39 0200 1 4821 = IBIZA (SPAIN)
33 7206 116 2156 = INDIO/PALM SPRINGS (UNITED STATES) (also gives a location pretty close to Perth, Australia… however all these other numbers have been exact)

It has also been uncovered, the lines “START SLEEP ROUTINE, WAKE DATE 2016-10-27” embedded within the website’s code. This could indicate a date the website becomes active, October 27th 2016. We’ll hold our breath until then.

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