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Dan Boeckner Says Handsome Furs Will Play Two Shows This Year

It’s been a busy couple of years for Dan Boeckner, having released Operators’ debut full-length Blue Wave and Wolf Parade’s fourth full-length effort, Cry Cry Cry. It also seems like he’s been on the road for nearly two years straight touring with both bands. There’s no indication that Boeckner will be slowing down heading into 2019, either.

In a recent appearance on Consequence of Sound’s This Must Be The Gig podcast, Boeckner revealed that in addition to a follow-up full-length from Operators tentatively scheduled for spring 2019, there’s also a pair of Handsome Furs revival shows in yet-to-be-named cities on the slate for December of 2018. Handsome Furs proper have been dormant since the band’s breakup in the spring of 2012.

Boeckner told host Lior Phillips “We’re doing these two Handsome Furs shows because I really miss playing those songs.” Boeckner did not say whether it would be a formal Handsome Furs reunion with former bandmate and his ex-wife, Alexei Perry. He did, however, say that the Handsome Furs shows would also feature new music from Operators. The singer-songwriter and guitarist has performed Handsome Furs songs live with Operators.

A follow-up to Operators 2016 full-length debut could arrive as early as April of 2019, according to Boeckner. He told Phillips that the band wrote 17 songs for the album and recorded 13 of them.

Keep an eye open for more info on those Handsome Furs shows and new music from Operators.

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