Dan Mangan Comes Out Of Hibernation

Dan Mangan Explains What He's Been Up To Of Late

After touring extensively for years and releasing numerous albums, Dan Mangan took a much needed break. In the time he has been “away”, he has become a father and started his own record company. Details about what he has been up to in regards to his own music have been sparse, but weeks ago he did say, “All will be laid on the table soon enough. For now, I just want you to know that I feel creatively satisfied. Even if nobody out there in the world likes this album, I’ll sleep well for a good while.”

Today, Mangan has explained what his hibernation has consisted of:

I went into hibernation. At least to the extent that I find myself capable of hibernating. The more still my body, the more frantic my mind. I wrote a lot of songs. I tried some different kinds of musical wanderings that beat the shit out of me (in a good way).

I went for many walks with a small human who just became a year old and is likely the coolest person I know. He is incapable of veiling his emotions or falsely acting in any manner that doesn’t come by him naturally. He has no projected self-image. It is noble to watch.

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