Indie88 Premiere: Dan Mangan Shares New Single ‘Fool For Waiting’

Mangan returns with a new single, album slated for fall 2018

Two-time Juno Award-winning singer-songwriter Dan Mangan has unveiled a new single, “Fool For Waiting,” which was produced by Simone Felice (Lumineers). Mangan’s fifth studio album is in production and currently slated for a fall 2018 release.

Mangan, who is also keeping busy scoring a new series for Netflix, expanded on the writing process for “Fool For Waiting” via email.

“Considering I’ve never really set out to do so before, I wanted to write a classic love song and this is as close as I got,” Mangan said. “I think the crux of it – the song is about finding someone who makes you feel less crazy, or at least someone who finds your craziness endearing because it’s real and honest. And that real, imperfect love is not always as fantastical or magical as a wild romance, but that it’s worth waiting for.”

Check out the latest from Dan Mangan below.

You can also stream Dan Mangan’s “Fool For Waiting” here.

Image via Holly Chang