Dan Mangan Releases New Track “Mouthpiece”

Dan Mangan + Blacksmith release brand new tune off Club Meds.

Further building on the anticipation for Dan Mangan + Blacksmith’s forthcoming album Club Meds, the west-coast indie rockers have released their second track “Mouthpiece”. The first single “Vessel” has been in regular rotation on Indie88 and shows a slightly different, more elaborate sound for Mangan.

Mangan also known for his biting critiques on society is not pulling punches on this track, which is seething with rage that boils over in several moments – both lyrically and musically.

“We talked about the past like it’s a stranger’s dream
We repeat the things we never dreamed we’d do
Understand that sometimes we almost dance with fuckery
But everybody is pissing in the well of our suffering”