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Dan Mangan To Start New Record Label

After years of toying with the idea of starting up his own record label, Dan Mangan has decided to go for it. Madic Records is open for business. It will be a side label of Arts & Crafts and its first release is a split single from Calgary act, Astral Swans, due out March 25th.

Here’s what Mangan had to say about his new venture 

“I had this longstanding pipe dream of having a boutique label. For years it seemed a fulfilling hobby; to help spread the word about music I believed in that wasn’t getting enough attention. It was never quite the right time, and I figured if it ever were to be, that it would happen fairly organically, and because a particular album or project fell in my hands. It took about one listen through Astral Swans’ rough mixes to light a proverbial fire.”

Mangan’s upcoming record will be released through Arts & Crafts and has no due date as of yet. One thing we do know is that the record will be accredited to Dan Mangan + Blacksmith.

One half of the Astral Swans release can be heard below.

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