Dangerous Dan’s (Home of Toronto’s Most Insane Burger) is Shutting Down

Dangerous Dans is closing after 18 glorious years

It seems you can’t go a couple days without hearing about another closure of Toronto establishments in the past couple months.

Just this past month we’ve seen closures from Soybomb, Hugh’s Room and most recently The Silver Dollar Room. Now joining that list is a Toronto’s most gluttonous restaurant: Dangerous Dans. Since 1999 DD’s has been serving up the most artery clogging, calorie-packed meals.

Take, for example, The Coronary Burger Special, composed of 2 8oz patties, 4 slices of bacon, 2 slices of cheddar and a fried egg on top, served with fries and gravy, Can of Pop. It’s a monster.

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The building DD’s resides in at the corner of Queen and Broadview was recently bought by Pizza Nova; Owner James McKinnon initially planned on selling the shop, he’s now decided to sell instead.

“I could have renewed but I don’t think i would have made any money.” He told BlogTO. “Basically they wanted an 80% rent increase and repairs. I’ve renewed my lease four times before and I can tell the difference when a landlord wants you to renew and when they don’t.”

Dangerous Dan’s closes their doors May 29. Our diets certainly won’t miss you, but our stomachs will.

Image courtesy dont_blink_pls via Instagram