Indie88 Video Premiere: Danielle Duval Shares ‘Undercover’

New video filmed under Toronto's night sky

Montreal born and Toronto based artist Danielle Duval is preparing to release her sophomore album very soon, and in light of this anticipated event we have for you the music video for Duval’s newest single “Undercover.”

The video, shot by Matthew Maaskant, was filmed on the Friday night of the Canada Day weekend at an abandoned railway near Parkside Drive. After hitting up a fireworks store to illuminate the video, the band got straight to work and even made a few friends along the way.

“It was one of those nights when you plan not much of anything, but everything happens, and it sparks the nostalgia you can’t help but feel when you hang out with your best buds with no set agenda but to light stuff on fire,” said Duval.

According to Duval, the end goal of “Undercover” was to “explore its double meanings, and to relate it back to sexuality, love, and relationships. The tug of war, the push and pull, the in or out; the conflict and turmoil we all struggle with between the path of light or dark, the path of love or the resistance of it.”

I’ve always felt like somewhat of an outsider so, ‘Undercover’ was originally supposed to be a song about the mysterious, secret and sexy world of undercover cops, ninjas and spies; all those who lead a double life and operate in the shadows, incognito. But, I have yet to hold down a job as a Private Eye in real life, so for the sake of authenticity, I thought it best to write about what I know.

Watch the video for “Undercover” below.