Danzig’s Elvis covers album has finally arrived

Featuring renditions of 'Lonely Boy Blue,' 'Always On My Mind,' and 'Loving Arms'

We’ve got Glenn Danzig right where we need him, far away from a B-movie film set and crooning Elvis tunes in that signature baritone voice and aging tenor range.

Danzig’s Sings Elvis is about what you would expect, albeit at a higher production value than anything the 64-year-old singer-songwriter has done in recent memory. It’s a goddamn hoot, check it out below.

Danzig spoke to Rolling Stone about his affection for Elvis.

“I got into Elvis because I hated going to school, so I would play hooky a lot or cut school, and I’d stay home and watch old movies,” said Danzig.

“I remember one day watching Jailhouse Rock. And just going, ‘Whoa.’ By the end of the movie, I was like, ‘This guy’s cool. This is what I want to do.'”

“[My career] happened a lot like [Elvis’ character in Jailhouse Rock], too, because nobody would put out Misfits records, so I would take them everywhere, and people would tell me it was junk and noise. So I had to put it out myself.”