Dave Grohl Responds to 1000 Musicians Covering “Learn to Fly”

Looks like they're getting what they wanted

A couple days ago, 1000 people got together in Italy to cover the classic ‘foos’ tune “Learn to Fly”. Why would so many people join in for one cover? It’s in hopes that Dave Grohl would see it and add a Foo Fighters date in Italy.

Check it out below:

Well their prayers were answered after Dave Grohl himself recorded his response (filmed terribly) which brought good news to the #Rockin1000:

Translated it reads: “Hello Cesena. It’s David. Hi.
I am sorry I don’t speak Italian, just a bit, a bit. This video, was good! Super nice. Thank you so much. We’re coming, I swear. We’ll see each other soon. Thank you so much. I love you.