Dave Grohl Responds to Video of a Toddler Rocking Out to His Tunes

Go get em, you got this, baby!

Imagine this: It’s 2018. You’re 17 months old. You can hardly speak a language but you have great taste in music. Your parents record you mid-Foo Fighters jamming session and post it to Twitter. It gets noticed by Dave Grohl. Suddenly, you’re crowned the coolest baby ever via a rock legend.

Yeah, that’s right. This totally, 600 per cent happened. Dave Grohl recently responded to a video of a baby rocking out to his mini-documentary Play. It was released earlier this month and follows Foo Fighters frontman playing an impressive total of seven instruments during a 23-minute long composition.

The baby’s name is Charlie, and according to his parents, he “would rather rock out to this incredible song than be watching ‘In the Night Garden’ or Paw Patrol

When Dave Grohl took notice, and he cheered Charlie on with a “Go get em!”

We have to agree… nice work, Charlie!

Play is one of Grohl’s many passion projects. According to a statement made by the Foo Fighters frontman in the doc, β€œTo any musician, young or old, a beautiful studio full of instruments is like a playground.”

Image via Mathew Tsang