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Dave Monks journeys around Toronto in video for new track ‘Change Your Mind’

Tokyo Police Club‘s Dave Monks has shared a video for his new solo track “Change Your Mind.” The song comes from his forthcoming album, I’ve Always Wanted To Be Me, out October 15th via Ghost Pepper Records.

“I’ve Always Wanted To Be Me” follows the release of “Wild Like Me,” “Sweet,” and “Love.” The upbeat track is full of optimism, making it perfect to listen to on a sunny day. The accompanying fun-loving video sees Monks making his way through Toronto. He even meets up with fellow Tokyo Police Club member Graham Wright.

“Even though this is a romantic song, I’m happiest about the optimism it captures,” Monks explains. “I start off by saying ‘I’m a fine young man…’ and the positivity doesn’t let up from there – there isn’t even a single minor chord in the song! I feel like that spirit has been my greatest asset over the years. I always have to believe that something good and surprising can come from putting something into the world. It’s what keeps me excited about my little musical garden.”

Watch the video for “Change Your Mind” below.

“After ‘Wild Like Me’ I was very keen to do another DIY video,” Monks adds. “My only plan was to do fun stuff and vlog it with the hopes I could tie it together in the edit (video editing is my ‘sourdough bread’ of the pandemic). It felt like doing a school project and trying to sneak in as many laughs as possible. And for the record I do not play basketball on the reg and yes Graham lives down the street from me!”

The new track accompanies the previously released singles perfectly. “Sweet” is a lo-fi bedroom-pop style tune. It comes packed with delicate vocals and intimate lyrics. At times, Monks verges on whispers, as he delivers lines like, “Baby there’s a life I gotta live/ Baby there’s a love I gotta give.” It also came paired with a video. The accompanying video, which Monks created with his Patreon followers, comes packed with shots of household items that offer up an intimate glimpse at life at home.

“Love” was a warm tune as well. It came accompanied by a heartwarming video with drawings from Monks himself. Those drawings were then animated by Andrew Friesen.
Lead photo courtesy of Calm Elliot-Armstrong.

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