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Dave Monks shares ‘mission statement’ on new single ‘Can’t Put My Fire Out’

Tokyo Police Club frontman Dave Monks has shared his new single “Can’t Put My Fire Out.”

The new single comes from his forthcoming sophomore solo album, I’ve Always Wanted To Be Me, out October 15th via Ghost Pepper Records. “Can’t Put My Fire Out” servees as a sort of artistic mission statement atop gritty guitars and catchy hooks. The accompanying video comes packed with equally gritty animated visuals, as the lyrics flash on screen.

“‘Can’t Put My Fire Out’ is a mission statement for me,” Monks explains. “A reminder that the most powerful part of what I do is free from time and money and can never be taken away from me. No matter where I am or what I am doing, the world is there to ignite my imagination. Whether it’s in celebration, defiance, desperation or for the thrill of it, choosing to make something of it all gives me the power to keep going and believe in what I’m doing.”

Watch the video for “Can’t Put My Fire Out” below.

“If you’re like me, then you’re never quite the same person from one day to the next,” Monks explains of the forthcoming album. “Your personality is more of an ever-changing kaleidoscope of ‘yous’ than something set in stone. I’ve embraced that for myself with this album of unlikely outliers, who are stylistically all over the map, but find a weird cohesion in their differentness. There’s so much exciting new territory in it and releasing it feels like turning a new page.”

“Can’t Put My Fire Out” is one of several previews of the upcoming record. So far, Monks has shared tracks like “Don’t Get Pushed Around (feat. Shad),” “Change Your Mind,” “Sweet,” and more.

Revisit the tracklist for I’ve Always Wanted To Be Me below.

I’ve Always Wanted To Be Me Tracklist:

01 – “Love”
02 – “Set Yourself On Fire”
03 – “Wild Like Me”
04 – “Change Your Mind”
05 – “Sweet”
06 – “Stuck”
07 – “Girl Of Mine”
08 – “Vagabonds”
09 – “Don’t Get Pushed Around (feat. Shad)”
10 – “Oh Boy”
11 – “Days That I’m Around”
12 – “Can’t Put My Fire Out”
13 – “Deeper Than You Know”
14 – “No Stranger”

Lead photo courtesy of Randy Gilbert.

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