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Dave Monks shares summery new collaboration with Shad ‘Don’t Get Pushed Around’

Tokyo Police Club’s Dave Monks has shared a summery new collaboration with beloved Canadian rapper Shad, “Don’t Get Pushed Around.”

The new single comes from Monks’ forthcoming sophomore solo album, I’ve Always Wanted To Be Me, out October 15th via Ghost Pepper Records. With dreamy synths, Monks repeats the line “don’t get pushed around” atop a slowly building, summery instrumental. Shad adds a new dimension to the track, with uplifting lyrics.

“Shad happened to be mixing his record next door to where I was recording,” Monks explains of the collaboration. “We asked him to come check out a track for a feature, and it just clicked. His string of heartfelt words really makes my one-liner, ‘Don’t Get Pushed Around’, and is the kind of casual collaboration you hear about but never think will ever happen to you.”

Listen to “Don’t Get Pushed Around (feat. Shad)” below.

I’ve Always Wanted To Be Me sees Dave Monks at his most honest and vulnerable. The new single follows the previously released “Change Your Mind,” “Sweet,” and “Love.”

“If you’re like me, then you’re never quite the same person from one day to the next,” Monks adds of the album. “Your personality is more of an ever-changing kaleidoscope of ‘yous’ than something set in stone. I’ve embraced that for myself with this album of unlikely outliers, who are stylistically all over the map, but find a weird cohesion in their differentness. There’s so much exciting new territory in it and releasing it feels like turning a new page.”

Check out the tracklist for I’ve Always Wanted To Be Me below.

I’ve Always Wanted To Be Me Tracklist:

01 – “Love”
02 – “Set Yourself On Fire”
03 – “Wild Like Me”
04 – “Change Your Mind”
05 – “Sweet”
06 – “Stuck”
07 – “Girl Of Mine”
08 – “Vagabonds”
09 – “Don’t Get Pushed Around (feat. Shad)”
10 – “Oh Boy”
11 – “Days That I’m Around”
12 – “Can’t Put My Fire Out”
13 – “Deeper Than You Know”
14 – “No Stranger”

Lead photo courtesy of Calm Elliot-Armstrong.

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